April 08, 2021 2 min read


Hello My Virtuous Women, 

This is in inspirational quote for you....... 
It starts with a vision, a plan, and a goal,  
it starts with a vision, and without anyone telling you No. 
 It starts with a vision and takes off in the air, 
 you may not see quick results but the content is in,  
start with a vision and let your vision grow. 
Because without a vision......where will you Go? 
Ladies, I want to start by saying, I AM NOT PERFECT. I have problems, my kids can hang on my last nerve and let's not even speck on the hubby....lol, but I still try to maintain as much balance as I can within my life. You see I was 16 years old when I had my first son. 
         There's my BOY, he is now 17, boy how time fly's
 I was going to high school in the mornings, in the afternoon I was taking and going to College classes at a Community College to become a Nurse, and working at King Soopers in the night. I was determined to provide for my son and build a future for him. I look back over the years and realized I am still this way. I LOVE to juggle many different things, but my thing is, if I'm going to juggle these things, I must keep a balance. Within this blog and my first e-book, will be planning a vision for the year. It doesn’t matter what month we are in the year, you can still plan your vision for the year. And not just a personal vision board but a business one as well. We will jump into strategies that helped me and things that did not go so well with me. When I was introduced to vision boards it changed my life forever, I never stopped making vision boards each year science then and they seem to keep me focused and on track as to the many different things I manage throughout the months. This has been such a blessing for me!! I am so excited to share what I have learned with all of you. Vision boards allow for you to make your own path and complete them on your own terms. Looking forward to having this available here in a few weeks, don’t miss out on a life changing experience. Subscribe to my email and you will be the first to know when its ready........ 
May God keep You and smile down upon you 



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