April 08, 2021 1 min read



How many times have you found yourself madder than fish fry or just completely overwhelmed you want to just board a plane, train for me because I hate flying, and get outta town. For me, this can be on the regular. Within my utube channel, I have mediation videos, as well as, morning prayers. I am getting ready to start posting cooking and cleaning videos as well.  I got the whole agenda for my utube channel planned out and I am super excited about this thang. I am currently working on getting subscription boxes and planning for the first person to subscribe gets it for free!!!!! I have so many great things in store for this vision and ministry.  

 Please understand that your mental health is important and to stop and meditate can be quite rewarding. It gives me the strength to continue to complete the many roles I must on a daily basis. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it all, my children help, my hubby will get down and dirty, in which you will see him in a few of my cleaning videos getting down as he loves to clean....lol.....  

But remember your no good to anyone when you're not functioning and thinking well for yourself. Take some time, any time, throughout the day and meditate on Gods words so that you can continue to fulfil your daily purpose and be all that God has for you to be. Re fill yourself.  

Morning Prayer for Love to flow through Out your Day God Bless You and have a great Day 



May God Bless You and Smile Upon You


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