November 19, 2020 1 min read

Let Peace Rain In a World of Chaos 


 How many days go by where it seems as if life will never end. The bills are due, this child needs this, this child needs that. My mother is calling for help, sisters driving you nuts with meetings and get togethers, it seems like I never had time to breathe. To just sit back and enjoy my day. After feeling like years have just past by and I was completing tasks as if it was on a regular routine to just let the day fly away from me and the only breath token was in the shower, and a long breath before bedtime.

My grand pa would sing a song regularly in church that says One day at a time Sweet Jesus, that’s All I’m Asking of You, Help Me Just to Take One Day at A Time. One day Lord, that is all I can live for is one day. I’m asking you to help me take one day at a time, so I challenge you to stop and realize these days can only be lived one day at a time. Don’t let the day pass you by, remember to stop and enjoy nature, enjoy a peaceful bottle of wine, enjoy a pamper or spa day because you only get that day, and you only get one at a time. And never ever forget, to TREAT YOURSELF SIS!!!!!! 



















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