November 19, 2020 2 min read

What Does God Want ME to Do Before I Die? Sis, this has been a question for me my WHOLE LIFE. I have been asking God this for years and it seems as if I have not received a clear answer as to what I am here for. Finally, I realized God has long-term purposes for me and short-term purposes, there is no way to tell it all, but by following these three steps, it is guaranteed that I wouldn't miss any long term or short-term purposes in my life. I want to share these tips with you so that you will fulfil that desire to meet the expectation that God has for you in your journey in life.  

  1. Spend time with God Daily- Sis who can tell you better than the one who created you. Spend time with him so that he can tell you and lead you into you daily purposes, He might assign or lead you to do a project now that may not come about until later in your life, but at least you're on the road to what he wants you to do.
  2. Realize that your life is not yours but his, pick up your cross and follow him. His plan for you is way better than any plan you can create. Humble yourself enough to be open minded to the idea that it is not what I want Lord but what you want.
  3. Step out on FAITH with no fear of failure. Speak affirmations in your life daily on how much you love the Lord and how much of a great mother you are and how your business will be successful... SPEAK IT OUT LOUD GIRL!!!!!! This is the first step in building your faith, as you say these Affirmations daily, you will feel empowered to step out in faith, realizing that the only thing that is stopping,you, is you. Words plant seeds and seeds produce harvests.


Lets let our light shine so all can see, pamper can only take you so far, you must feed your soul!!!!! 

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